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Through the Eyes of a Child

"Through the Eyes of a Child", song usage granted by Lisa McClowry.

Welcome to the website of Lodi House, a non-profit agency that was established to provide shelter for homeless women and children. In addition to shelter, Lodi House provides food, advocacy, counseling and numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics.  We serve women and children in our community that have been displaced from their homes who need a second chance.

Our ultimate goal is to assist women in achieving independence so that they can find a home for themselves and their children.  Our hope for each family member is that they will be changed because we touched their lives in a positive way... we gave them hope, a renewed spirit and skills to make it on their own.

Lodi House is a large home built in the 1920s where five families reside together at one time.  We are located on the east side of Lodi at 801 S. Washington St.

We can be reached via phone at 209-334-6346 or via email to info@lodihouse.org.

Suzanne Mangum, Executive Director and
Shereen Hays, Assistant Director
Diane Clouse, Retail Director